Founding GtM & Marketing (Startups)

🏔️ The business team at Column Tax

At Column Tax, we work with banking & fintech companies to offer powerful, embedded tax products to their account holders. We give our partners a lever to increase retention, deposits, engagement & customer understanding via white-label tax products (like embedded tax filing), native in their app.

Over the last two years, we’ve built out the foundation for the business. We’ve worked with dozens of partners to launch embedded tax products. We’ve done that with a mix of founder-led sales & BizOps team members running deals/launching partners. We’ve now grown beyond that! Things are working, and it’s time to scale.

📈 The next phase of growth at Column Tax

It’s time for the next evolution of the business team at Column. This will mean running everything from sourcing to launched integrations. We don’t have a split between sales & account management here - this team will do it all!

We are hiring across three areas on go-to-market. Scaling up the team focus on large Fintech sales, building out a team focused on selling to Financial Institutions and running our startup business (along with marketing). See

Founding Sales/GtM (Financial Institutions)
if you want information on the other roles.

What does a founding go-to-market role look like?

  • Running go-to-market for our startup vertical
    • Scaling our inbound & assisted self-serve model
    • Spending time with fintech focused companies to deeply understand their product strategy & ethos (in an authentic way).
    • Closing deals and running the sales cycle end-to-end with fintech companies.
    • Once signed: running our launch playbook with partners (helping them design & market an effective product launch).
    • Working directly with our partner's engineering teams to deliver high-quality, high-converting integrations
  • Running marketing at Column Tax!
    • Building out content for our external channels including social, website, and more
    • Running all events & conference work
    • Managing and building out the Column Tax website
    • Running press & PR work
    • … and everything else you can think of to help tell the Column Tax story to the world!

This role brings an opportunity for endless creativity. We’ve helped partners go from first call to launched product in under 5 days. We’ve made TikTok videos for partners to use on their social pages. We’ve run events with other great fintech companies at Money20/20.

You will have the opportunity (and freedom) to shape the next phase of go-to-market at Column Tax. From building a brand to launched integrations.

How do we measure success for the GtM team at Column Tax?

  • Are we being genuinely helpful for partners that are evaluating embedded tax products (and working with Column Tax)?
  • Are we helping partners land an incredible “end-to-end” tax products product experience in their product?
  • Do partners treat us like a part of their internal product team?
  • Do partners rave about working with us?
  • Are our partners consistently delighted & surprised by the work we do for them?
  • Are we one of the best & most responsive teams they’ve ever worked with?
  • Do people know about Column Tax and the impact we’ve had for our partners?
  • Do people think of Column Tax as a product focused company?

This is what success looks like in practice for our team:


💻 About you:

We believe that people from a wide-range of backgrounds have the opportunity to be successful in this role. We think most likely:

  • You likely have previous experience in Growth, BizOps , Marketing, Partnerships, Account Management or other business roles
    • You may have more experience in Product and are looking to make the move to more of a “GM” type role at a B2B company
  • You have specific experience in fintech or want to move into fintech
  • You are product focused, and derive marketing content from that (not the other way around)
  • You are someone who has worked at an early-stage startup (or has specific experience launching/growing a new B2B product line at a larger company)
  • You haven’t seen a problem you weren’t excited to solve 😄 
  • You get excited about doing the little things needed to make a partnership happen

Things we value:

  • Focus: we know that doing great work takes long blocks of uninterrupted time
  • Ownership: everyone at Column is empowered to make big decisions
  • Transparency: expect honest & vulnerable communication
  • Vision: everyone on our team dreams big about solving complex problems
  • Doing the right thing: Tax is an industry with a history of predatory practices; we’re determined to fix that

❇️ Benefits:

  • Time off: unlimited PTO with a minimum. We want you to truly recharge!
  • High-quality health, vision & dental coverage
  • Up to 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave
  • Top-notch MacBook + home office budget

☑️ What happens after you apply:

  • Intro call with one of the Co-founders or BizOps team members
  • Take home: a short, time-boxed project
  • Virtual one-day “onsite”: tell us about your previous work & values, see what working with us would be like, and work through a business problem live with the team

📩 How to apply:

Email us at hiring@columntax.com with your LinkedIn/personal site or apply here: